State of the Sockeye

Multi-faceted data visualization presents a comprehensive view of the state of Sockeye Salmon in the North Pacific.

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Project Overview

Sockeye Salmon are critical to the lives many different people. An assessment of current populations is an important starting point for discussions about conservation.

The North Pacific Assessment of Sockeye Salmon was based on 15 years of escapement data from over 200 monitoring sites within 80 subpopulations. In addition, data collection methods and salmon characteristics are tracked for each site, and some sites have escapement data going back to 1946.

Our main goal was to present this large amount of information, in a clear and objective manner, to a wide variety of potential visitors. Creating a single method for showing this information would have been plenty challenging, but we decided a multi-faceted approach would best help us accomplish our goals.

The resulting data visualization presents an immense collection of data in a multitude of flexible and customizable views, allowing insights in to the information and fostering a greater understanding of the health of this threatened species.


Strategic Design, Creative Direction, Information Design, Interaction Design, Interface Design

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Wild Salmon Center


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