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Building justice with a reinvigorated brand & website

Just Outcomes, an industry-leading restorative justice consultancy, was already making waves with its impactful work. Their story was rich with impactful projects and insights, but their expertise was not being communicated well via their existing branding and website.

Uncovering the core

We began with a brand workshop that delved deep into Just Outcomes’ ethos, extracting core values, visions, and other insights. This exercise crystallized into a lucid brand strategy, laying a robust foundation for our subsequent endeavors.

Revitalizing the brand

Next, we embarked on a refresh of their brand assets and delivered an updated logo, typographic system, and color palette. By retaining the concept of the original, we crafted a logo that felt familiar to long-standing clients, but was more modern and professional. This balance helped in maintaining brand recognition while signaling growth and progression.

Putting it all together

With a modern and thoughtful brand design system in place, we collaborated with Just Outcomes to create a website that met all of our goals:

  • Honed the website’s messaging to more effectively tell the Just Outcomes story, ensuring it resonates with diverse target audiences.
  • Showcased their impressive body of work in a clear and compelling way that reinforces the confidence of referrals and inspires potential clients to get in touch.
  • Amplified their reputation as industry thought leaders through blog posts, social media, and persuasive testimonialsall seamlessly integrated into the website.
  • A thorough redesign not only elevated its aesthetic appeal but significantly enhanced the user experience and performance metrics.

Augmented by an elevated brand and website, Just Outcomes continues to pursue their vision of vibrant and resilient communities.

Just Outcomes
“Scott has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He is an excellent project manager, collaborator, and creative mind. Throughout the project, Scott was flexible, responsive, and a fantastic communicatorand extremely helpful in making difficult decisions about how to communicate who we are. I have recommended Benish Design multiple times since I had the opportunity to work with him, and will continue to do so into the future! It truly was a pleasure!”
Matthew Hartman, Director & Lead Consultant, Just Outcomes Consulting

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