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Helping people find their perfect park

As part of the Oregon Zoo’s new conservation education center, Metro created an installation to help the community make meaningful connections with the natural world and inspire conservation.

The centerpiece of this installation is a large touchscreen display that serves to:

  • Increase public awareness of regional parks, trails and natural areas
  • Introduce visitors to parks, trails and natural areas that are new to them
  • Motivate individuals to visit parks, trails and natural areas

We worked in collaboration with the Osage Orange team and were responsible for visual design (including iconography and map design) in addition to contributing to strategy, user experience design, video production, and testing / QA.

Following the successful delivery of the 55” touchscreen at the zoo we also delivered a 15” iteration for the Oxbow Regional Park welcome center.

“Kudos you guys! The touchscreen is wearing out around the 'Your perfect park' button because so many people have hit it. Great work all around.”
George Winborn, Marketing and Branding Director, Metro

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